The People Church in Shallow Lake is located near Owen Sound, Ontario. We are an evangelical fully affirming church. Our Sunday morning service begins at 10:30. Our setting is casual – table and chairs. So whether you are a family with small children, without children, single, or you just want to check us out. You will be welcome.


We get it that people are suspicious and tired of this thing called Church.

Sometimes we are.


We get it that culture is changing; everyone is working and attending Church regularly is tough.

We find that hard, too


We get it that our Church methods and traditions aren’t all set in stone.

Challenging them hurts us, too.


We get it that people are important: churched, unchurched, dechurched or all churched out.

We’re some of them, too.

Christian Life

We get it that this Christian life is meant to be including, transforming, demonstrating, announcing, serving, loving, and very messy.

We want that, too.

We get that it’s about Jesus – Do you?