The People Church affirms the personhood, place, and participation of LGBTQ+ people into the life, faith and service of the community. We believe we are impoverished without the voices, giftings and life experience of LGBTQ+ people. We fully acknowledge the trauma caused by church teaching that excludes or vilifies LGBTQ+ people, their relationships and families. Therefore, we seek to end harm and help dismantle the barriers that stop people from flourishing.


Full Inclusion means we recognize and affirm the diversity of creation.

  1. We affirm all humans are first and foremost created in the image of God. Therefore, we affirm that LGBTQ+ personhood and creation is already fully beloved by God.
  2. We affirm all of creation flourishes in relationship; therefore, we affirm the sacredness of LGBTQ+ covenanted relationships.
  3. We affirm people are created for purpose. Therefore, we affirm LGBTQ+ persons gifting and full participation in the life of our community including all positions of leadership and service: worship, children, youth, and pastors.


For our particular journey, we acknowledge that we come from many different backgrounds including religious backgrounds that often impact our understanding regarding full affirmation of creations diversity. We do however, recognize the trauma that has been caused by exclusion and non-affirmation of LGBTQ+ personhood. Therefore, we recognize diversity in our understanding but unity in seeking to do no harm.