If there is one thing that has been true since the dawn of time stories are told at the table. Real people sharing real lives through a meal that should transcend across all barriers. IF. We. Let. It.

The People Church of Shallow Lake is known for “loving God and Loving people” yet we fail. We grow. We stumble. And we loose. We win and we fall. Over and over again. The challenge, I suppose, is how do we do this ‘life stuff’ together. Small groups? Tried it. Doing ‘ministry programs’ together? Tried it. Now it is time for us to try our hand at an original concept. Joining in life together through a meal. Jesus calls us to break bread together. But is this breaking of bread reduced to a cube of bread and a dunk of wine? Or is it something more?

Join us for table communion where we gather together in a reverence for God’s kingdom to spread into each other’s lives. And perhaps, this bigger table will lead to more inclusive lives where we go beyond our Sunday traditions. Which, by the way, we still do. And gladly so.

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