Easter 2020

Good morning Shallow Lake Community Church! Although we cannot be together in our church building today we are thankful that you can join us this morning through our online service, which is about 30 minutes in length. We hope that you find renewal, encouragement and strength.

After you we have watched this together, starting at 10:30 am, we will be meeting together on Zoom as a community. Please join us as it will be so good to see everyone. There will be millions of people gathering in different Zoom meeting spaces this morning so we hope the technology holds up!!!

The People Church invites our congregation to join us in a scheduled Zoom meeting.

To Enter the Zoom Meeting

Please click https://zoom.us/j/7087748646 and join us! You will need your phone camera or computer camera and microphone so others in our congregation can see you!

Ruth-Anne shares a worship song with us as well!