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March 21, 2020

Dear SLCC Family,

The Covid-19 virus has created anxiety and stress globally. We understand that this is the most serious virus that the world has seen since the 1918 pandemic. It has now, as it did then, created upheaval to families and society. People, especially the vulnerable, are at risk.

Ontario’s government has ordered all worship gatherings to stop at this time in attempt to mitigate the spread of the virus.

We don’t know when things will “get back to normal.” Perhaps in two months. Perhaps six. Could be a year or so. What are we to do?

Next Steps

We have known for a while now, at The People Church in Grey Bruce that the way we are doing church needed to change. We now find ourselves with current world events forcing us to move in a direction of change. Changing how we do church. We must, in these times, reinvent ourselves. Not reinvent the foundation of who we are as Christians – as we are one body in Christ, but how we posture our living and meeting together and with others as Christians. How we see the needs of others around us. In our family, on our street and in our community.

Changing times can be scary. We don’t have a blueprint for the path. But as leaders within our community we must forge ahead the path. We are with you. Let us not forget connecting with one another. Look out for your families. Your neighbours. Be mindful of those around you. The world needs the hands and feet of God more than ever.


CONNECT: We are all in this crisis together. Please consider picking up the phone and reaching out to someone in our family and learn what each other’s needs are. As leaders we will be connecting with everyone we can to find out what the needs are. We cannot do this alone. Be neighbours to each other. Reach out to us if you need help. Please do not suffer in silence. We want to help.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Set aside a couple times a week to call to ensure your friends and family are okay.
  • Pick up/drop off needed items (groceries or toiletries for a neighbours on your street.
  • Be sure to check out the resources CLT (Central Leadership Team) has emailed you during the week

LEARN: Be sure to visit the Public Health Grey Bruce website and the Ontario Covid-19 website for updates and read about the preventative measures we all should be taking to help keep our community healthy.

Please know that your CLT: Paul, Liz, Tam, Wayne and Viv really do care about each and every one of you. We know we have an incredible family.

In Christ,

Pastor Liz & Paul and the rest of CLT.

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